MVME2700 Series

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    Datasheet Manual

  • Scalable high-performance VME computing with the flexibility of PMC expansion

    The MVME2700 series is a family of VME processor modules based on the Motorola PowerPlus VME Architecture with PowerPC architecture microprocessors that push performance and functionality to limits unprecedented on VME. The flexibility of the MVME2700 provides an excellent base platform that can be quickly and easily customized for a variety of industry-specific applications. Designed to meet the needs of military and aerospace, industrial automation, and medical, the MVME2700 applies to a variety of applications.

    • MPC750 class 32-bit microprocessor
    • 32KB/32KB L1 cache
    • 1MB backside L2 cache
    • 128MB or 256MB ECC DRAM on-board memory