Force CPU-40 Series

  • Force_CPU-40B-16_ISO

    Datasheet Manual

  • High Performance Multi-Purpose 68040 Board with Shared Memory, DMA and FLXibus

    The SYS68K/CPU-40 and SYS68K/CPU-41 are high performance CPU-boards on the 68040 microprocessor and VMEbus. The boards incorporate a modular I/O subsystem which provides a high degree of flexibility for a wide variety of applications. The CPU-40 and the CPU-41 can be used with or without and I/O subsystem module (EAGLE module).

    • 68040 Microprocessor @25.0 MHz
    • Shared DRAM 4, 16 or 32 Mbyte with byte parity
    • Full support of the burst fill mode of the 68040
    • High speed 32-bit DMA controller (FGA-002) for data transfers to/from the shared RAM, the VMEbus and EAGLE modules
    • Two system EPROM for local booting, initialization of the I/O chips and configuration of the FGA-002