Force SPARC/CPU-2CE Series

  • Force_CPU-2CE_ISO

  • A Complete VMEbus-based SPARCstation 2 Architecture with SBus expansion

    The SPARC CPU-2CE is the first new design resulting from the technology partnershio of FORCE COMPUTERS and Sun Microsystems. Combining a true SPARCstation 2 architecture with FORCE COMPUTERS expertise and experience in standard 6U Eurocards has resulted in the faithful SPARCstation 2 implementation in a single VMEbus slot.

    • 28.5 MIPS SPARC RISC, 4.2 MFLOPS double-precision floating microporcessor at 40 MHz, 64-KByte cache
    • 16 to 64 MByte of on-board DRAM
    • Optional 256-KByte FLASH EEPROM
    • Two SBus expansion sockets
    • P2 connection for floppy, SCSI speaker and LED