Motorola MVME197-201


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88110 CPU 50MHZ; DP; EXT CACHE; 128MB

The MVME197LE module is a double-high VMEmodule based on the MC88110 RISC microprocessor. The MVME197LE has 32/64MB of DRAM, 1MB of flash memory, 8KB of static RAM (with battery backup), a time of day clock (with battery backup), an Ethernet transceiver interface, four serial ports with EIA-232-D interface, six tick timers, a watchdog timer, 128KB of BOOT ROM, a SCSI bus interface with DMA (Direct Memory Access), a Centronics printer port, an A16/A24/A32/D8/D16/D32 VMEbus master/slave interface, and a VMEbus system controller.

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