Motorola TMCP700-001

Motorola TMCP700-001

Transition module for MCP750

The TMCP700-001 Transition Module provides the interface between the MCP750-1xxx (hereafter referred to as MCP750) CompactPCI Single Board Computer and various peripheral devices. This module provides industry standard connector access to the IEEE 1284 parallel port, a single mouse/keyboard connector, two RJ-45 connectors providing access to the asynchronous serial ports configured as EIA DTE, and two HD-26 connectors providing access to the serial ports. These serial ports, labeled as Serial 3 and Serial 4 on the face plate of the TMCP700, are individually user configured as EIA-232, EIA-530, V.35, or X.21 DCE or DTE requiring the installation of Motorola’s Serial Interface Modules (SIMs).


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