Synergy SVME-VYFE-0806

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Synergy Microsystems

SBC VME – VYFE Dual PPC7457 @ 1 GHz w/ 133 MHz Memory controller, 512 MB SDRAM, No P0, Battery-backed Clock and Calendar w/128 KB Non-Volatile RAM, (1) Temperature sensor, 64 MB Flash w/AltBoot, Local I/O Power +3.3v, PMC +3.3v, Level L0 Ruggedization, (1) 10/100 BaseT Ethernet (Front), (2) 10/100 BaseT Ethernet (Rear), (2) IEEE 1394 ports (Rear), (2) RS423-232D UART serial ports (Front or Rear with TYFE), (2) PMC sites. No IEEE 1394 driver provided for VxWorks or Integrity BSP.

Includes STAR/ASTRix Bootloader and diagnostics downloaded into on-board BOOT Flash. For Discovery-based boards.


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Synergy Microsystems



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